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Fortitude – A Castle of Endurance

This poem was articulated with a view to linking the various aspects of fortitude with a visual image for the purpose of aiding the reader in recollecting the whole through the part. To re-collect, i.e. to re-connect the aspects of … Continue reading

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Cyclic this journey through which existence spreads her wings To embrace the all and the nothingness that allows it to encase Accept the pull of meaninglessness while here in the final rings And let courage be thy grounding stand for … Continue reading

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The Soul of Metaphysical Reflections

“The apex and role of an artist is to bring beauty, harmony & splendour into the mundane world through the vivifying qualities of the Muses.” A bold statement in need of validation yes; so let’s reflect upon the creative literary … Continue reading

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Through the Eye of Eternity

Alan Watts – Through the Lens of Eternity A journey through the lens of Eternity Ideas & concepts that illuminate the mind Quotes by Alan Watts Selected & narrated by Jason Youngman Music – Accessing the Coma – By Altus … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Dawn

This fictional piece is somewhat of a break away from my usual. It came together through a deep meditative absorption of music created by Altus. ‘Take the highest mountain to the deepest sea, that’s the definition of Altus to me.’ … Continue reading

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