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Daughters of Love’s Delight

Daughters of Love’s delight Bestowing the mind with great insight Aiding wisdom by fashioning the mind To pass unhindered thro’ mass & time — Eternal splendour of Love’s defender Intertwine our soul with beatific tender By the many layers that … Continue reading

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Behold Oneness of Mind

“Your apprehension carries the impression from a real object and displays it inside you so that it makes the mind turns turn towards it. And if, when turned, the mind bends towards it, that bending is love.” – Dante To … Continue reading

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Set Forth into the Deep

This poem largely draws upon platonic thought so as to express how we have come to experience reality as separated beings. It encapsulates a world view no longer acceptable by the masses but for the poet it remains the fabric … Continue reading

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Who is Socrates?

Who is Socrates? THE PASSION OF THE WESTERN MIND Understanding the ideas that have shaped our world view. By Richard Tarnas Narrated by Jason Youngman  

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Plotinus – God is the Goal

Click on the video above to watch a short adaptation of Return to the One: Plotinus’s Guide to God Realization. – A modern day commentary on the Enneads of Plotinus. JY  

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Our Guardian Spirit

As children our Guardian Spirit is very real to us but as we become more rigid and cynical in our view of the world we pass off our Daemon as mere superstition. Plato himself approaches such topics through the medium … Continue reading

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Plotinus on Number explores the essential role which number plays in the architecture of the universe in Neoplatonic philosophy… Click on image above to watch video. JY

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ON THE PRIMAL GOOD – The source of all lesser goods

Commentary on the Enneads of Plotinus – Ennead 1.7 There is another sort of good that Plotinus speaks of – that is the transcendent Platonic Good. This sort of good supposedly goes beyond moral excellence, and in some respect is … Continue reading

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ON WELL BEING – Rooted in the Good Itself

In this tractate Plotinus presents how we are to live well and reach our true good. Despite the present & more popular notion of living well, which has come to be associated with power & wealth, he takes the higher … Continue reading

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Eudaimonia is often translated as happiness or well-being. The name itself suggests a spiritual component or orientation. My new year’s resolution for 2016 is to ask as many people as possible what they believe to be the common element of … Continue reading

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