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As Night & Day Are One

“Constantly observe all that comes about through change, and habituate yourself to the thought that the nature of the whole loves nothing so much as to change one form of existence into another, similar but new.” – Marcus Aurelius We … Continue reading

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Make Light of Tragedies

“First, tragedies were brought on stage to remind you of what can happen, that these happenings are determined by nature, and that what moves you in the theatre should not burden you on the larger stage of life.” – Marcus … Continue reading

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The Splendour of Beauty’s Light

“If all people worked for the beautiful, and endeavoured to do the most beautiful things, everything people need in common, and the greatest good for each in particular, would be achieved.” – Aristotle How the trees of the forest run … Continue reading

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Set Forth into the Deep

This poem largely draws upon platonic thought so as to express how we have come to experience reality as separated beings. It encapsulates a world view no longer acceptable by the masses but for the poet it remains the fabric … Continue reading

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The Roots of Platonic Thought

Providing a little background to better understand our western roots in Platonism [Spirituality] and our soul’s longing to know its true self through the ground of being. THE PASSION OF THE WESTERN MIND (Understanding the ideas that have shaped our … Continue reading

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Plotinus – God is the Goal

Click on the video above to watch a short adaptation of Return to the One: Plotinus’s Guide to God Realization. – A modern day commentary on the Enneads of Plotinus. JY  

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Platonic Reflections – On our emergence into Life

My stillness in depth of infinite mind, That which allows for the all to align. Through the fire of imagination, transposed manifestation, we, no longer three, but I. Temperance and her kind my golden mean, Justice as scales to keep … Continue reading

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(Updated) BEING IN TIMELESSNESS – An Eternal Present

WELL-BEING AND THE EXTENSION OF TIME We discover in this tractate that Well-Being resides in an actual present state and not in memory or anticipation, the past or the future. For Plotinus, well-being is rooted in the upper soul, therefore … Continue reading

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ON WELL BEING – Rooted in the Good Itself

In this tractate Plotinus presents how we are to live well and reach our true good. Despite the present & more popular notion of living well, which has come to be associated with power & wealth, he takes the higher … Continue reading

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Eudaimonia is often translated as happiness or well-being. The name itself suggests a spiritual component or orientation. My new year’s resolution for 2016 is to ask as many people as possible what they believe to be the common element of … Continue reading

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