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Fortitude – A Castle of Endurance

This poem was articulated with a view to linking the various aspects of fortitude with a visual image for the purpose of aiding the reader in recollecting the whole through the part. To re-collect, i.e. to re-connect the aspects of … Continue reading

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Lose yourself in Eternity

Some find their way through it all; others abide their long days amiss No concern for metre and rhyme; emptiness their refuge and bliss Long the night with hidden star; longer still a lonely meander am I To grapple this … Continue reading

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Winter’s Faith

Each winter greeted with a promise of enthusiasm Snow forts, downhill sliding & a good snow ball fight Our mouths open wide to catch the falling snow flake Such moments as these cherished for its own sake Come the spring … Continue reading

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Cyclic this journey through which existence spreads her wings To embrace the all and the nothingness that allows it to encase Accept the pull of meaninglessness while here in the final rings And let courage be thy grounding stand for … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings – 2017

Wishing you all a very merry and warm holiday season! Here in my area of the globe each day now comes with more light and the snow fall affords the opportunity for cross country skiing. An awesome way to keep … Continue reading

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Grave digger you are far away from home. Sleep walking through phantacies magical lore. You faintly hear my voice and recoil with fear. Wakey wakey it is time to come home my dear. There is truth to what the voices … Continue reading

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The Soul of Metaphysical Reflections

“The apex and role of an artist is to bring beauty, harmony & splendour into the mundane world through the vivifying qualities of the Muses.” A bold statement in need of validation yes; so let’s reflect upon the creative literary art … Continue reading

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Have you ever waited for days on end for that ideal evening to photograph the setting sun? Then you may know the patience and foresight required to create that perfect image. Indeed the artist avails of all the marks of … Continue reading

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A Writers Inner Sea

Daily we prepare the ship by setting the mast, Opening the sails and preparing the nets to cast. We push ourselves into the cold & mysterious sea, And tread the water until the winds inter-dependency. Each paddle stroke strengthens our … Continue reading

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Click on the image above to feel the Poet breathe soul into his art. Recorded in nature on top of Mount Scio in its natural form; i.e. in its original dawning through mind. Whereas the written version below was trimmed … Continue reading

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