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The Practice of Dying Well

“And we must consider that humans have forgotten That which from the beginning, and now still, they want and long for. For everything reaches out to That and longs for It by necessity of nature, as if divining by instinct … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Dawn

This fictional piece is somewhat of a break away from my usual. It came together through a deep meditative absorption of music created by Altus. ‘Take the highest mountain to the deepest sea, that’s the definition of Altus to me.’ … Continue reading

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Platonic Reflections – On our emergence into Life

My stillness in depth of infinite mind, That which allows for the all to align. Through the fire of imagination, transposed manifestation, we, no longer three, but I. Temperance and her kind my golden mean, Justice as scales to keep … Continue reading

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Illumination in the lingering strings of Vivaldi

The snowflakes scatter around before they reside upon the ground. Their patterns are within my power as my soul aligns itself with the One. Sweet melody unfolding, expanding ocean wave reflects the setting sun. The Red Priest joins the loose … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreams – Rekindle the fire of the soul

There are no words to explain the bliss of being undone when encountering light/spirit through lucid dreams, when the mind is no longer engaged in sense-perception and all souls are as one. During my lifelong encounters with lucid dreaming, an … Continue reading

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