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Click on the image above to feel the Poet breathe soul into his art. Recorded in nature on top of Mount Scio in its natural form; i.e. in its original dawning through mind. Whereas the written version below was trimmed … Continue reading

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The Practice of Dying Well

“And we must consider that humans have forgotten That which from the beginning, and now still, they want and long for. For everything reaches out to That and longs for It by necessity of nature, as if divining by instinct … Continue reading

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For Plotinus our prior life as soul was in spirit but not in the way that we now perceive ourselves with flesh and blood, but as a oneness of sorts with spirit itself. So why would soul in its right … Continue reading

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Plotinus – Ennead I.I – Commentary

Know thyself: these were the words inscribed on the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi. Philosophia begins with this injunction and so Plotinus begins where we all must necessarily begin: with oneself. Click on the image above for commentary on … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreams – Rekindle the fire of the soul

There are no words to explain the bliss of being undone when encountering light/spirit through lucid dreams, when the mind is no longer engaged in sense-perception and all souls are as one. During my lifelong encounters with lucid dreaming, an … Continue reading

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