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Click on the image above to feel the Poet breathe soul into his art. Recorded in nature on top of Mount Scio in its natural form; i.e. in its original dawning through mind. Whereas the written version below was trimmed … Continue reading

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On the essence of the soul – An inner look into the dynamics of what it is that makes us human-beings

‘The Enneads is spiritual, but also technical, and to comment along with them is a technical matter accordingly.’ It’s a good thing that I am not alone on this video project. Approaching the Enneads with a view to penetrating its … Continue reading

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Lucid Dreams – Rekindle the fire of the soul

There are no words to explain the bliss of being undone when encountering light/spirit through lucid dreams, when the mind is no longer engaged in sense-perception and all souls are as one. During my lifelong encounters with lucid dreaming, an … Continue reading

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