Creative Writing Tips #7

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

– Scott Adams

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Growing up my mother used to bake bread every other week. Watching her make it from scratch was amazing. Robin Hood Flour was the base ingredient. Butter, milk, sugar, salt and yeast completed the list. How they all came together was the witches brew to me. The look on my mother’s face as she would knead the dough was one of hard labour. It made me want to alleviate her suffering. So she would cut off a piece for me. It felt similar to play-doo but you couldn’t make it into the same kind of shapes. Once the dough reached the right texture and elasticity it was placed in a large bowl and covered with a cloth. There it remained for several hours, out of reach and not to be tampered with. However, when mother wasn’t looking, I’d take a glance at it every now and again. What joy it was to watch the dough slowly rise into the round & soft belly of a pregnant woman. When it could grow no more my mother would cut off pieces from the dough, and roll them up into balls. Next she would place three of these dough balls side by side in a buttered baking pan. Then they were placed into pre-heated oven. Soon you could smell the bread throughout the whole place. My mouth waters at the thought of it still. Eventually the kitchen table would be filled with baked bread. Each loaf was just as beckoning as the other. The temptation to sink my teeth into their buttery crusty tops has yet to subside to this day. Without stretching this story any longer than it ought to be, the point that I’d like to make here is this: My mother had her bread baking down to an art. That is she knew how to bake the bread just so. It was perfect and she never missed her goal. But what if she attempted to get creative or experimental with her baking? Would the bread have turned out the same way?

This leads me into the topic of today’s podcast. What is the difference between art and creative art? My reason for exploring this distinction is in hopes of better understanding the concept of creativity, and as creative writers it may be to our advantage to stretch our understanding of creativity. So with me today is a kindred soul to help broaden our knowledge of creativity. Her name is Dee Rapposelli! Dee as in John Dee, for those of you who admire the magic of creativity. Dee is a professional writer and fellow creative. She deserves all the kisses in the world, so make some room in your heart!

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About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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9 Responses to Creative Writing Tips #7

  1. I am loving your words. Glad to have found you way out here.

  2. cloudbaker says:

    I’m yet to listen to the podcast, but have made a mental note to do that as soon as I have the time! The story about your Mum baking bread made me nostalgic :). My own mother used to do that too, and would let my sister and I have a little blob of dough each to play with. I distinctly remember plaiting my allocated dough ball, and being quite proud of the finished product, because it reminded me of the fancy loaves I’d see at the bakery but never got to eat.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to checking out more of your posts ASAP; you delve into a fascinating range of subjects! Have a wonderful day/ night ( I can’t be sure what the time is over there)!

  3. Finally time to keep up, nice experience to spend the last couple of hours doing Creative Writing 1-7, good job, nice inputs.
    As to your question between art and creative art my thoughts go to the artisans of the old cultures that would weave the same carpet or add some minor variations. Craftsmanship needs some basic skills, but when you add soul to it beauty and form becomes as important. Art can be expressions of the soul, but when the spirit is present, you are in-spired and the creation brings something new, something unique, something that goes with the spirit of time or something that is even cutting edge.
    This is what first comes to mind from your question my friend.
    Need to get all my writings this summer posted now – lets get in touch 🙂

  4. inese says:

    Creative process is a process of perfection. Once the object is perfect, let it be. It is always a mistake making good things better. Just go and create from scratch again 🙂 Your mother knew that.

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