Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking – Point of View

Our ‘point of view’ is the place from which we view things, which entails our biases, values, beliefs & limitations. While in the process of trying to understand something more fully it is necessary to consider the point of view … Continue reading →

Purpose Guides Thinking

Purpose is fundamental to the way we think, speak and act. You have probably heard of the saying, ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Well there is also a purpose for everything we do. These statements don’t mean the same thing … Continue reading →

Question at Issue

During our pursuits in life we’ll be faced with hindrances of various sorts, so coming to terms with the nature of such difficulties is a step in the right direction. The more we know about potential obstacles the better we … Continue reading →

Information – Bridge the Gap

Information is required to exercise good judgement. Not just any information will suffice, but that which is relevant, reliable & valid. To avail of information effectively, we need to ask the right kind of questions. Is the primary source of … Continue reading →

Inferences and Interpretations

There is something that we do with our minds on a regular basis without realizing ‘how’ we are doing it. That is we are constantly making inferences regarding the things we perceive and think about. For the most part we … Continue reading →

Concepts – Components of Thought

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the mind immediately envisions a thing upon hearing its name? As soon as we hear the words: forest, mountains, night sky, stars, moon light reflected on a calm still pond… then there it … Continue reading →

Assumptions – A Means for Reasoning

Every time you leave the front door to transmute across town you are making assumptions. You assume that drivers will not run you down, that the flooring below your feet will hold you up, and that lightening will not strike … Continue reading →

Implications & Conclusions

In all circumstances there are conditions that have come into play due to other conditions, and they in turn have arisen in like manner. Such a casual unfolding is as natural as the respiratory system. Breathe in, breathe … Continue reading →

Clarifying Thought

You find yourself in an old library at night with only a candle to keep the place lit. Any sudden movement will cause the flame to flicker, dimming the overall intensity of light, and making the books difficult to read. … Continue reading →

Logic – Laws of Comprehension

Logic is a vital component to the way we reason, solve problems and attain end goals. Little of our perception of reality would make sense if it were not for our capacity to be logical. To put content together into … Continue reading →

Cognitive Bias – Weeds of Distortion

Your neighbour is growing veggies in her back garden. She takes great pains to make sure they have the ideal conditions to flourish. For example she may water them daily, use the best soil for the job, and build an … Continue reading →

Disclaimer: These essays are largely based on concepts provided through the Foundation for Critical Thinking and are not necessarily an accurate representation of their model. Neither does the writer endorse this Foundation above any other Institute in regards to promoting and/or teaching critical thinking skills.