Rule the Criminal Mind

“War is the father of all and the king of all; and some he has made gods and some men, some bond and some free… The poet was a fool who wanted no conflict among us, gods or people. Harmony needs low and high, as progeny needs man and woman.” – Heraclitus

You are a lifer in the world’s most violent criminal prison, and as a ringleader you are responsible for planning and executing the death of inmates who fail to fall in line. Thus far you have committed several murders and have been recently promoted to the top man in charge. Now that you are king of the jungle, what will you build to represent your power? Keep in mind that you are not just a stone cold murderer but you also think like one. This means you can’t just override the consciousness of your host with a conscience that was formed through your personal history. You are to fully experience yourself as a mastermind criminal without desire to relinquish your position, a psychopath bent on reinforcing and securing his place in the hierarchy of crime.

An appalling scenario you might say and perhaps death is more preferable to your delicate soul. Whether fortune should grant us a life of privilege, or if our demise be under the sordid chains of a darken cell, wishful thinking will do little to sever our bonds. Yes, some say karma determines the quality of our lives, others some daddy in the sky, and there are those who believe that it’s all a matter of random luck. Either way it is up to us to make the best of things, no matter the hand we have been dealt.

Assuming that my heart would not weary under this burden, it would be my wish to make the most of this situation. Firstly, I would indirectly have the prison Warden place a statue of Julius Caesar in the centre of a small stoa, which is to be erected in the middle of the institution. It would serve as a temple of sorts and a safe haven; i.e., no blood would be spilt on the property. For the guards the stoa would be seen as a place of rehabilitation, but for the prisoners it would represent their height of power.

Around the statue of Caesar would reside a number of chess boards built into tables with chairs. All who wish to seat themselves near my person would have to keep their minds sober enough to enhance themselves through chess playing. From this art of war would reside my first officers.

It has been said that Apollo gifted Ares (the god of war) with the game of chess so that he might appease the hearts of men during times of peace. Unbeknownst to Ares, this mental technology exercised the frontal cortex of man, who in turn developed foresight. Thus he was able to foresee the consequences of his actions and curb the impulses of his animal nature. This calls for wisdom: Let him who has understanding reckon the number of ways to conquer his primary enemy, namely the beast within, for to rule your passions, is to rule the world.

“Almost everything we call ‘higher culture’ is based on the spiritualization of cruelty, on its becoming more profound… That ‘savage animal’ has not really been ‘mortified’; it lives and flourishes, it has merely become—divine.” – Nietzsche


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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  1. JC says:

    To rule from a chessboard… intriguing… jc

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