Purpose – Mission – Vision

Let’s make a quick pit stop to fuel up the tank, tune the engine and seek feedback! As we move through the day it’s helpful to pause and reflect along the way. If not we may run the risk of getting bogged down in everyday tasks, and lose sight of the big picture.

One way to keep our motives in check is to frequently review our overarching purpose, mission and vision in life. This may be complicated or time consuming, so here’s a basic method to simplify these terms:

Purpose guides – Mission drives – Vision revives

So your purpose might be to act in accordance to your conscience or a set of ethical principles that provide good orderly direction; whereas your motives or reasons for engaging in some kind of role may determine your mission, such as being a brave soldier in order to protect your country or to practice medicine to bring healing and restoration to the sick. A vision on the other hand engages the imagination so as to recalculate the steps required to reach one’s ideal.

The objective here is to condense these three components into one sentence without any fear of oversimplification. On the contrary you will want this statement to act as your centre and core representative of what you truly stand for, a springboard into deliberation and reflection at any given moment of the day; namely, a mental retreat that will invigorate and ground you no matter the circumstances about you.

My personal statement below takes on the form of a precept. It happens to coincide with several schools of thought and may come across to you as common sense. To accidentally stumble upon these words might convey little meaning without context, but without such gems no kingdom on earth could stand, and neither would man.

Reason well, exercise virtue & contribute towards the common good.

Upon these three clauses the entire world turns for better or worse. For whatever course we set our minds upon, to neglect any of these is to hinder our success. In order to reason well we must exercise virtue to some end, and if that end is not for the good of the whole, then by consequence both our inner freedom & outer liberty will diminish.


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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3 Responses to Purpose – Mission – Vision

  1. I love your posts Jason. You have a way of making the reader reflect and this post made me stop and think. Sometimes I wonder if I’d leave the world in a better place because I was in it… Thanks for the motivation to make it so… 🙂

    • Glad this post resonated with you. It was partly interjected due to your last comment on my post; you implied that you had little time to work with. Now in regards of espousing your mission all the more, try to imagine what kind of world we would be living in if the items you are sharing on your site were not accepted within mainstream society. Your contribution is a synergistic enterprise and is indispensable to the well being of the community at large. That is sufficient reward in and of itself.

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