A Valentine’s Day Kiss

Creative Writing Prompt: Write about your first romantic kiss. A paragraph will suffice. Keep it under 300 words if you wish to share it in the comment section. Feel free to add a little aesthetic touch to your narrative should your real to life encounter lack the soul of being truly romantic.

My first romantic kiss was both awkward and wonderful. It was no quick touch of the lips, the way we might kiss our mother good night. My date nearly swallowed my face with her lips! They were ever so wet, and her chin moved like a dory bobbing aimlessly at sea. Within seconds the act became second nature to me, and we practiced it a lot during that summer.

In fact we practiced various kinds of kissing too. One in particular felt sinful, as though we were licking the forbidden fruit. We called it French Kissing, which consists of inserting one’s tongue into the other’s mouth. My first impulse as a young man was to fashion it into a game of tug of war, but my girlfriend insisted that it was supposed to be gentle.

She was no more than a year older than me and yet she knew so much about romance. Eventually our kissing sessions subsided and we engaged other activities as well. Fires along the beach, hand in hand strolls around the park, and flower picking. We would also go swimming and spend hours lying around sunbathing. Conversation was easy and our hearts were full of curiosity for each other. There was never enough time no matter where we might stay; how those youthful memories come back to me upon Valentine’s Day.


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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2 Responses to A Valentine’s Day Kiss

  1. Me & my Skeptical Heart says:

    Your first kiss sounds more romantic than mine!
    My date took me out bowling. Something he was good at and ai wasn’t.
    Then when I finally managed a strike, he kissed. I didn’t expected it and pushed him away. He started crying.
    It was a disaster 😭

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