Have you ever waited for days on end for that ideal evening to photograph the setting sun? Then you may know the patience and foresight required to create that perfect image. Indeed the artist avails of all the marks of beauty and the fine layers of virtue in which they are unlocked. Nature here being so far removed from the sublime star, as we look through the lens of time and space, reveals a beauty of a peculiar kind. And somewhere along the dance a blending of chaos and order gives rise to a unique form of symmetry. Should we sympathetically penetrate this appearance, then we are reminded of the invisible principles that sustain such beauty. This aspect of eternity is pleasing to the soul and draws all sentience back into its splendid whole. Although our desires may be displaced and fragmented, each one tossed and turned by the waves of the sea, there is an element within e/motion that directs us back into the emptiness of eternity.

Love & light,


PS: Click here to download the photo above in full resolution. The image was taken along the beach in Stephenville, NL, Canada in 2012.

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A Writers Inner Sea

Daily we prepare the ship by setting the mast,
Opening the sails and preparing the nets to cast.

We push ourselves into the cold & mysterious sea,
And tread the water until the winds inter-dependency.

Each peddle stroke strengthens our art form,
Allowing motion and rhythm to become the norm.

Soon the clouds part for the sun to brighten the way;
Enhancing the desire to plunge further out into the bay.

Then you notice the gentle breeze upon your face,
How the sails lift & open to quicken your pace.

You are no longer alone in your sea voyage quest,
But trust in the oceans deep to keep you abreast.

Thus is the way of the writer who readies his vessel,
And continues to divine with the forces he must wrestle.

By Jason Youngman
Summer of 2017

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You are probably familiar with the idea of defragmentation. In laymen terms it has to do with your computer aligning and storing info on the hard disk to free up space. This helps to put things in order so that your computer will work more efficiently. As an analogy we could say that our minds are also in need of defragmentation. That is our minds also require maintenance in order for it to work well. Besides consuming an appropriate diet of carbohydrates, fats and protein, our brains require the necessary charge to keep it healthy. The mind can be likened to the intelligence that informs the brain how to operate. So in a sense the brain is the grid by which the mind flows through it as a current of energy that informs it. However it is my intention here to focus on the mind without explaining its relationship to the organism. Therefore how can we do that? That is to say how can we focus on the mind itself? What faculty of the mind allows it to focus and concentrate in order to align itself so as to free it from mental congestion? What enables the mind to defrag itself so as to attain clarity? If you’re interested in following up with these questions then my video production above may help to fill in the blanks and may even inspire you to further explore one of the most neglected domains of earthly existence, namely the kingdom within you; the mind; the psyche; the soul.

“We must not look, but must, as it were, close our eyes and exchange our faculty of vision for another. We must awaken this faculty which everyone possesses, but few people ever use.” – Plotinus

Love & light,


PS: Click on the image above to access my video.

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Of all the life strategies that render what is fruitful,
Forgiveness by far is one of the most useful.

It is the oil that soothes & prevents friction,
A bonding agent for great benediction.

Forgiveness as moisture keeps the heart warm,
A beauty that shines with transcendent form.

Forgiveness complete the main ingredient to love,
And a way to remain attuned to the things above.

It softens the long years of a rigid tree,
And draws water back to the eternal sea.

Forgiveness opens the lips of every lover,
To kiss under an open sky without hidden cover.

Forgiveness is the key to unlock the prison door,
It is a way to kindly give from your inner core.

By Jason Youngman
Summer of 2017

PS: Click here to download my photo above in full resolution and at no cost.

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I heard there was a secret chord

In response to My Fascination with Hell my friend D referred to Jesus’ disposition towards sin. Now keep in mind that D is not a Christian or religious, unless of course he is keeping it a secret from his friends here in town. In fact I am quite surprised that he expressed his opinion about this so it may be worth our time to draw out what was intimated in his statement.

“Interesting isn’t it that in fact Jesus supposedly is exactly NEVER sick of our sinning. The WHOLE POINT is that he is ALWAYS there to receive us. So who, we may ask, stands to gain by perverting this message….!!!”  Continue reading

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Hell is a hard sell

Now that I’ve slept on it and received some feedback on yesterday’s blog (My Fascination with Hell) it appears that the defragmenting required to put this neurosis to bed is too complicated for me to keep it nice and tidy for readers, therefore my apologies for fixing the horse to traverse my own imagination and psyche.

Now with that said and out of the way there is one comment in particular that beckons our mental energy: Stefano seems to be drawing upon the allegorical significance as to the role these images convey. We could say that the artist empathizes with the collective conscious and puts into art an exact representation of a predominant idea that archetypally informs that generation. Moreover, not all art is conducive to bringing out the good in humankind and in fact it is possible for a culture to lose touch and misconstrue pornography for actual art.

Yet there is something about the way the mind interprets reality that allows one to recognize authentic beauty. Those of you who have acquired an ear for the poetry of Leonard Cohen may have noticed his many allusions to the ugliness of our humanity. He pressed further and further into the dark of wickedness to discover the cracks where the light flows in. Through addiction, i.e. through his own hell, he emerged a phoenix of hope for other aspiring artists.

Somewhere along the way something is going to swallow you up too. It doesn’t matter if you have Jesus in your heart or constipation that makes you fart, your fortified ivory tower is going to crumble. While in that state of mind do you really think that images of ‘happy go lucky’ will provide you with solace? Or is it to those who can sympathize with your condition that can best describe the layout? Those who have been swallowed by their monster and have emerged on the other side are the door openers for those who get stuck in hyle’s stormy mire.

Now to wrap things up and to end on the same chord in which this prose was brought into existence, it may suffice to say that art imbues the receiver with much more than words can convey.

Love & light,




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My Fascination with Hell

As a child my fascination with hell grew out of proportion. The idea of bad people being damned for eternity was terrifying! Not to mention that their souls were to be tortured forever in the lake of fire.

I believe it was out of politeness that my mother received a book from the Jehovah Witnesses which ended up on the living room shelf. This little hardcover book was filled with pictures of beautiful scenes, as in people living happily forever on a paradise earth. But it also contained an image of a man thrown into a pit of fire by the Devil! This vivid image wormed itself deep into my subconscious and created its own little nest made of fiery neurons, cut off from the light of consciousness. Thus marked the beginning of my inquiry as to whether or not my soul would end up in such a dreadful place.

At the elfish age of eleven the logic became apparent to me. I was bad to the bone and because bad people burn in hell, I was also destined for such a horrible place. My preoccupation with hell became somewhat of a living nightmare and this Jesus guy who had the magic to take the badness away was completely fed up with me because of my endless sinning, which I really enjoyed doing by the way. All in all it was like sinking my teeth into the forbidden fruit and the bitter sweet taste was one of duplicity.

My teachers at school were sympathetic to my crises and assured me that it was only a metaphor; that the devil was a mythical creature to help convey a moral lesson. But during mass the priest spoke of hell as though it were a real place. The kids in my class had mixed feelings about it and my mother was indifferent to the idea, except for when it was useful to control my behaviour. On the whole it was up to me to work this dilemma out for myself; so I did my best to forget about it, regardless of the fact that this idea nestled into the dark reaches of my mind gave life to vipers of a diabolical kind. Stated in psychological terms we might say that my newly complex took on a life of its own and over the years my neurosis grew to take on the mask of addiction.

So based on my own experience I am not entirely sure that teaching children that they will burn in hell forever if they misbehave is a responsible way to foster them into caring individuals. But it’s not my intention here to make an argument for proper education but to draw upon my misunderstanding for the sake of attaining clarity.

The irony of this situation is that the Watchtower publication was trying to debunk the Christian Hell doctrine. How did my immature self misinterpret the contents of the book? In my case the symbols spoke to me, rather than the actual text which was outside my reading level at that time. But how can pictures have that kind of affect on a child’s mind? It would be silly to recite the old English idiom that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and expect my reader to be contented. To isolate my encounter with the image of hell itself as the sole cause of my disturbance also narrows the play field. So how about we take a rest to reflect on this matter and pick it up later; it would also be great to receive your thoughts in the comment section below.

Love & light,




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Clearing the mind through the sand castles of time.

We may find ourselves waking up in the morning with negative thoughts. They could be about the mistakes we made at work or the unkindness of another or any number of experiences we consider unpleasant. In retrospect we know how self-sabotaging it can be to let our imagination stew with memories that have painfully charged feelings associated to them. How we go about dealing with our internalised dramas will determine our capacity to be fit for the daily challenges of life. Being able to quiet obsession or abating the intensity of ‘automatic negative thoughts’ can be a very useful skill, especially if we need to be fully present to a situation that requires our undivided attention.

However there is another layer to this scenario, namely Continue reading

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Of all the lyric poems to have been written in the name of social justice, ON THE TURNING AWAY imbues warmth and inclines intelligence towards a greater good. This poem in particular has been a reminder to stretch myself in order to encompass the well-being of others and it remains one of my favourites of all time. Click on the image above to hear my rendition of this musical piece. The video was recorded in a steel pipe underneath our main city highway, thus the cool acoustic sound.



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Passionate Lust Flowers and Fades


Her tongue firm yet silky pressing against my flesh
Moisture, soft and tenacious
Longing that forgotten touch

Her soothing seductive sighs
Slithering up my back as goose bumps tingle
And spread ecstasy all over my nakedness
The ocean waves are crashing against the rigid coast line

Like a gentle masturbation on a slow long train ride
Sometimes it is her nails
Sometimes it is the tips of her fingers
And other times it is my imagination

Her touch passes through my skin
Straight into my soul
Where the bond first came to life
In the embryo of loves domain

The wings of deija vu open our hearts
To our eternal contract forged in heaven
She presses against my pressure points
With circular motions that provoke erotic bliss

Testosterone balanced with estrogen
Neurons banging up against the next
Continuously firing as fast as rabbits
On a moon light dazzle in mating season

Massaging, pressing, holding my body
In the momentum of fiery blood
Throbbing threw my veins; that great veil
She has found the tabernacle within

And drinks wine from my chalice
In turn her kisses intoxicate me
They are deep, lushes and take me away
From the restraints of time

By Jason Youngman
Winter of 2013


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