Docility – Open Both Ears

“Just as docility has to do with a man’s doing well in acquiring a correct estimation from another, so shrewdness has to do with a man’s doing well in acquiring a correct estimation on his own.” – Aquinas

Docility is about being teachable. It largely has to do with the ability to be taught by another person. So how might we go about assessing the student’s natural disposition for learning? Well for starters we could try to locate the person’s preference or dominate style of learning. The student may be more visual (spatial) in comparison to being verbal (linguistic) when it comes to acquiring information and/or experience. That is to say that a person who is more spatially inclined may prefer to avail of images and pictures, rather than speech and writing when it comes to understanding certain things. For instance it is way easier for me to learn 20 moves on a chess board by seeing the game in play than it is to read chess notation of recorded moves. The same applies with putting together objects such as an office desk or installing a stereo system. It is much easier and quicker for me to work with an instruction manual which depicts sequential images than to listen or read the text of a user-guide. Knowing your strength and weakness can make all the difference in the world as it pertains to docility. To live the good life is to know thyself, which implies knowing how to avail of the natural traits and virtues that allow one to be at their best.

The video above addresses docility as an integral part of practical wisdom or prudence. It is the main course of this meal and ought to provide a more crispy understanding of the advantages of fostering a healthy form of docility.

Love & light,


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Understanding First Principles

From my childhood up to the present day, good manners have been second nature to me. Good morning, pardon me, cleaning up after myself, allowing seniors to get on the bus first, apologising for mistakes, waiting patiently in a line up, to keeping the door open for the person behind me, are all aspects of being polite in my culture. ‘Good manners’ is the grease that prevents friction one might say. However, not everyone subscribes to the same kind of social virtues. Aggravation may follow if you strongly believe that everyone ought to abide by your code of behaviour. On the other hand there are civil ways to get along with one another that can’t be overlooked without some direct or indirect consequence. As social animals we need an understanding of first principles to peacefully co-exist with one another. It is not my goal here to dictate what they are but if by chance my genius can get you thinking about why we need them, then you may be inclined to further explore how we can go about knowing what they are. Which in turn can help us transition and make better decisions when faced with particular situations. Check out my video above to get your dialectical juices flowing!

Love & light,


“For virtue makes the goal correct, and practical wisdom makes what leads to it correct.” – Aristotle

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Be Grateful – Not Hateful

The Canticle of the Sun became song through a man who was bent on restoring what he believed to be one of the main functions of our humanity, namely charity, i.e. to bestow unto others a means to live life with dignity and joy. He put this into action through a position of weakness rather than strength. This implies one can be at their best, even when they are most vulnerable and poor in spirit. For me the Canticle of the Sun is a way to offset the negativity and cynical thoughts that can easily blacken our view of the world. It is about being thankful for all the good things in life, regardless of how far we fall into the cracks of the system. No matter to what degree we might cave in under the heaviness of complexity, a spirit of gratitude is a means to brighten the most darkest cave.

Love & light,





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Improve your Memory

A psychology professor gave us a challenging assignment in class. We were instructed to pay close attention as he recited random words (nouns) aloud. Once he stated 20 words in total, he asked us to raise our hand if we remembered them all. About a third of us raised our hand. Then he asked us to write down all the items on a piece of paper in the exact order they were called out. Less than 5% of us were successful. My method for remembering all the content was an envisioning technique that allowed me to string all the words together into a unified sequence of events. Check out my video above for a brief demonstrate:



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Prudence hangs from the tree of knowledge.
We have to stretch ourselves to reach it.
Once fully apprehended, then we can see.
That all the branches stem from eternity.

The Fall of 2017
By Jason Youngman

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Under Duress Her Sweet Caress

(Atlantic Ocean from Signal Hill, St. John’s, NL. Click on the image to view more of my photography)

Upon the surface of the sea she looked back upon me.
Her smile hidden in the darkness below.
Her reflection white as mountain snow.

No matter the distance she follows me wherever I go.
Forever flowing with the gravity of e-motion.
Turning round & round like an eternal ocean.

In the deep her creatures await their moment to rise.
They surface during the low tide.
Through infinity the many collide.

The young and the old, the first, the last and the bold.
Laughing, dancing, singing & wedded love.
Eventually looking for ways to get out of.

Soon the sun will come to vanquish the illusory from sight.
There will be gnashing of teeth.
The creatures return underneath.

E-motion runs dry without a heart to defy.
No more stuff to mold & manifest.
Finally the traveller finds rest.

The moon god dims away into a new day.
And the morning star burns brightly.
Yet Artemis in secret returns nightly.


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Begin Anew

(Click on the image to download in high resolution.)

Begin anew.

Even when the winds remove your home.

Start over.

There is blood on your hands and rage without thought.

Begin again.

You have habitually drifted into sloth and cowardliness.

It’s a new day.

Hate foams from your mouth, causing harm to others.

Make things new.

Friends no longer surround and you are alone.

Help the needy.

Self loathing consumes your soul and makes you feel disgusted.

Be renewed.

Many have been crushed in your vicious blindness.

Begin again.

There is nothing on the horizon for you at all.

Make your own dawn.

The remembrance of love is faded and gone.

Love is a verb.

Your keen intellect receded into dullness and apathy.


Others no longer shed light upon the path.

Be your own light.

Confusion and uncertainty rob you of life.

Be still.

By Jason Youngman
Fall of 2017



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Artemis – Wild Beauty & Natural Art

During an afternoon excursion around town my gaze fell upon a statue of Artemis. In fact it was more like falling head over heels in love. Time fell away from consciousness as my soul blended with her archetype. After several shots with the bow (my camera) and stretching myself into ungodly positions so as to render her Ideal in the most beautiful manner, her image came into true form. Above her a natural canopy to hide her naked wildness from her twin brother Apollo.

Love & light,


PS: Click on the image to download in high resolution.

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The Sphere of the Plant

(Long Pond, St. John’s, NL – Aug 2017 – Click on image to download in high resolution.)

From the rustling of the leaves, to the morning song of the sparrow, to the awesomeness of the blue sky, the aesthetic aspects of nature brings me back again and again into a state of gratitude and tranquility. On occasion you may find my person in the solitude of the country surrounded by spruce, listening to the wind swirl through the trees as they comb-out from my mind all that is heavy and complex. The fragrance of the pine cone stirs an ecstatic emotion that remains forever nostalgic; a memory never quite actualized yet yearning for paradise. What branches may have grown forth; in their stead knots of various kinds. In these high places of reflection nature can speak with us, not to us, not with words or printed letter, but through intuitive recognition and kindred participation. Like foliage being blown away to reveal a spot on the ground or a clearing in the bush formerly hidden by shadow, all revealing random images that flow together as one non-sequential form; the flower of life. The more beauty we take in, the more vivid the flower of the intellect is recollected. Science would have us believe that the brain is wired with interconnected neurons to make sense of things but what about the roots of the trees that run deep into the soil? Do they not also commune with one another in subtle ways and behold a network of their own? And should we sit in meditation under its cover, what prevents human-being from receiving their unbroken line of thought? Just because we are in the habit of breaking up thought into fragmented pieces so that we might ascertain its meaning through discursive thinking, doesn’t render vertical thought (non-thinking) of no importance. Perhaps it is beneficial to be attuned with thought at the level of plant before climbing the ladder of cognition.

Here are a few quotes for further reflection.

Love & light,


“Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.” – T.S. Eliot


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Eight Degrees of Wisdom

The flower above caught my eye from a distance. Its puffy green centre and its eight silky petals boasts an unusual sight, even for the eye that is constantly on the look out for beauty. Its name remains a mystery to me but perhaps we can call the flower ‘Prudence’ until we know better. Like the notes of a musical octave, the plant reveals the likeness of a galaxy, as above so below.

“Wherever you turn, wisdom speaks to you through the imprint it has stamped upon its works…. Look at the sky, the earth, and the sea, and at whatever in them shines from above or crawls, flies, or swims below. These have form because they have number.” – Augustine

Love & light,


PS: Click on the image above to download in high resolution and view my photography.

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