The Winds of Change – Part 9

♣♣♣ Part IX ♣♣♣
A Cabal of Vipers
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

While Jason and his crew headed north, Borgia and Thomas made their way to Vatican City to inform the Eleven of what took place in Solomon’s Crypt. The Eleven was the name chosen to represent the elites of the Catholic Church. Essentially they were 11 Cardinals who took it upon themselves to transform the Church through the divinely invested power given to them through the office of St. Peter. The name itself was derived from the eleven apostles of Christ in view to the betrayer, Pope Francis, who they deemed played the role of Judas Iscariot to the letter. Among the Eleven were Cardinal Medici and other heads of state, including Bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Church. It was a cabal of fierce ingenuity that no outsider could destroy. Their combined wealth alone rendered the US military spending as pocket change in comparison. They were bent on attaining a one world order and were using whatever means to achieve their end. Jason was to become their man in the field, but they failed to foresee the degree of power that he was soon to accrue.

“Have you ever seen the Vatican from a bird’s eye view?” asked Borgia.

“Of course,” replied Thomas, “why do you ask?”

“It kind of looks like a lock and key,” observed Borgia, “if you consider the way the larger structures sit next to one another.”

“Perhaps you are projecting your own fears onto what you see,” suggested Thomas. Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Part 8

♣♣♣ Part VIII ♣♣♣
Via Greenland
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

Prime Minister Kielsen personally rolled out a red carpet for Jason at the entrance gate of the airport. Then he warmly welcomed the travellers to a meal while their helicopter was being prepared. His broken English felt sincere and well rehearsed for the occasion. Yet he kept his translator nearby and frequently called upon him to interpret what was being said. As to what Jason and his companions were committed to doing in the Perry Mountains of Greenland captured his curiosity. Both Iceland and Denmark had given their assent; i.e., the Vatican’s representatives were free to explore and ascertain minerals in light of addressing global warming.

The food was presented as a buffet and there was meat and fish of various kinds. It was a meal fit for a king. Even though the wine was alcohol free, Jason thought it was on par with the grape from his own vineyard. The locals appeared very happy to be among guests and the music in the background felt warmly Italian.

Jason’s three body guards sat at the far end of the pub eating their personal rations and kept a good eye on everything that was going on around them. It was obvious to them that the airport was closed to the public, which made their job a lot easier. Vlad was the commanding officer of his unit, and by rank a warrant officer. Vlad’s younger cousin Oleg was a sergeant and his third was Alex, a retired senior officer who specifically returned to mentor Vlad in political affairs. Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Part 7

♣♣♣ Part VII ♣♣♣
Will in Motion
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

Jason rang the steward and ordered two cups of green tea with a squeeze of lemon in each. Then he asked Isaac if he would like biscuits with his tea. Isaac waved off the offer with his hand. With his other hand he made knots in his beard; an old habit that he picked up whenever he was given over to deep thinking. He noticed how the clouds outside the plane danced on by without a care in the world.

“What troubles you?” asked Jason, “I know that look on your face.”

“Just pondering our next move, that’s all,” replied Isaac, while giving his beard one last twirl.

“We have been through this before,” said Jason, “we got this.”

“You are right,” agreed Isaac, “It’s just that I need to feel certain. The plan is solid, but the heart needs assurance.”

“The heart is a treacherous thing and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jason quoted the prophet Jeremiah.

“Ah, yes, the weeping prophet,” remarked Isaac, “but ours is that of tears of joy.”

Someone knocked. Jason said enter. A military soldier opened the door for the steward to enter with a tray of beverages and snacks. Jason thanked the steward and asked him to close the door on the way out. Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Part 6

♣♣♣ Part VI ♣♣♣
Foundational Gems
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

There was no commotion, neither hugs nor kisses, when Jason and his chosen few made for the airport before dawn. Samson remained behind to make sure the abbey continued to function smoothly in Jason’s stead. He also played a crucial role in deconstructing the doctrines of the Church, and implementing a new catholic catechism to help accommodate the protestant Christians that were soon to return and embrace the Mother Church. With equal importance Samson continued to strengthen the Order’s bond with the heads of the Italian Mafia. Jason’s financial arrangement with Cardinal Medici made their kinship all the more solidified. The Mafia were essential in making it possible for thousands of foreign leaders from around the world to live in and around the Eternal City. There were a number of Italians throughout the country that initially resisted this transition but the long standing Machiavellian tradition of the Mafia were most effective in squashing all traces of resistance to the catholic cause.

Jason sat with Rabbi Isaac in a private room on the Vatican’s most versatile jet. They were headed for Nuuk, the capital city of Greenland. His travelling companion was raised an Orthodox Jew but left as a young man to join a Jewish Mystical tradition that held a strong messianic sentiment towards the biblical Jesus as being the actual redeemer of the Hebrew people. Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Part 5

♣♣♣ Part V ♣♣♣
The Crown of Justice
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

“There is nothing so cheering as the images of the virtues displayed in the characters of those who live with you, and grouped together as far as possible.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Is all this really necessary,” Borgia piped up, “whether we are destined to live forever, or suffer eternal judgement!?”

“Speak your mind, Borgia,” entreated Jason, “I am listening.”

“The way I see it, all this religious dogma is like a snake’s skin; that is to say, once it has served its purpose, then it ought to be shed, and besides, are we not to be wise as serpents?”

“Blasphemer!” yelled Thomas, “how dare you belittle the teaching of Holy Mother Church! Don’t you realize that the Church is the only thing on earth that is separating us from eternal damnation!?”

Samson touched Thomas’s shoulder and nodded his head no, indicating that it was time to listen and remain quiet.

“That’s the way you see things Thomas,” Borgia replied, “as a puppet with strings you align your will with forces outside of your control rather than think for yourself. Like a child you believe God has you in the palm of his hand.” Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Part 4

♠♠♠ Part IV ♠♠♠
Unlocking Solomon’s Crypt
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

Jason embraced Thomas with both arms, encouraging him that the creature was no longer a threat, and then stretched out his hand to Borgia who looked intently upon his ring of magic.

“Was my mind playing tricks on me just now, or did your ring radiate a pure white light?” Borgia asked with disbelief, before he held Jason’s hand.

Jason gently raised Thomas’s head so all could face one another before he spoke. “The ring is indeed magic and once belonged to King Solomon. It grants the owner the ability to bend the demon’s will to their own.”

“Come now brothers,” shouted Samson, “we haven’t much time to open the crypt.”

Jason helped Thomas to his feet and Borgia held the door for them to pass through. They descended the stairs with haste.

“Quickly now,” ordered Jason, “place your pebbles in the openings near the entrance at the exact same time.” Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Part 3

♣♣♣ Part III ♣♣♣
The Light Bearer
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

Jason entered the hall with a surprised look on his face and without a moment of reflection commanded, “For the love of God! What are you two doing here? And where in hell is Samson!?”

“Our formation director stepped away in haste and told us to remain here,” Borgia replied without hesitation.

“What say you Thomas?” Jason inquired with a more gentle tone. His affection for the carpenter was without parallel.

“He left the room in a tizzy and made for the storage room. He indicated that something of importance occurred to him but said nothing of it,” Thomas chose each word carefully.

“He’s been back there all this time then,” responded Jason, “let’s go and see what the matter is.”

They entered the room cautiously while calling out to Samson, but he was nowhere to be found, so they split up in order to search the room in hope of finding a clue of his whereabouts.

“Look ‘a here,” shouted Thomas, “there’s a crack in the wall here.”

“That’s the secret entrance to the crypt. Samson may have gone down by himself. And look, the torches are lit too,” reasoned Jason, as he descended the stairs. Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Part 2

♦♦♦ Part II ♦♦♦
The Pillars of Justice
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

Samson stood between the Pillars of Justice with arms outstretched and palms evenly rested upon its smooth surface. It was as though he was indirectly making the sign of the cross. The noisy chatter quickly came to silence. All the friars were gathered together in the main hall, which seldom happens, not even for funerals. Samson cleared his throat before he spoke.

“Pope Francis means to transfer his authority to Jason our Abbot, and unleash the devil’s offspring who remain imprisoned in the underworld so as to enact the final Judgement of God. This means three souls are to journey into the crypts below to ascertain the Keys of Solomon. We all know what lurks down there. Some of us may not make it back alive, or with sound mind. Yet it is our sworn duty to venture below, no matter the consequence. Lots will be drawn and those who are selected will immediately prepare for the descent below. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit, let’s pray that the Lord our God will choose the appropriate men… Beginning to my left please approach the Alter in single file. Put your hand into the box and retrieve a single pebble without looking. Then hold it up for all to see. Those who obtain a red one will sit next to me. The rest of you will return to your duties, quietly!”

Samson scanned the room to see if there was any resistance to his command and found none. All were quiet and given over to pensive wonder. The sole purpose of their Order is to be ready for such a day, but few ever thought that the mandate would be enforced. Many of the friars had come to believe that the monastery was preserved for the sake of tradition, and for well to do officials who keep their hand in Church politics.

The friars spent most of their time in silence and had little need for spoken word. They were not disturbed or troubled by the outside world. The cluster was largely self-reliant. It grew its own produce and gave food to the poor. Due to the high elevation of its vineyard, and several generations of cultivation, the wine remained most in demand in all of Italy. Even the heads of the Italian Mafia forbid a single bottle to be exported outside of the Country. They called it sacrilege, believing that the wine comes from heaven and should only be consumed by true Catholics. No priest is permitted to deny them the Eucharist, even if they enter the chapel with blood on their hands. Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Part 1

♣♣♣ Part I ♣♣♣
The Pope’s Secret Charge
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:4

Pope Francis greeted Jason, the Abbot of Belvedere, with all the proper dignities of his station in the Church. The Vicar of Christ is required to meet with the abbot every Easter, which often leaves the friars feeling ecstatic for weeks on end, but this occasion was different from all the rest.

“Holy Father, I bow not to you but to the sacred that resides in you.” Then Jason kissed the ring on the Pope’s hand, which appeared too heavy for his boney fingers.

“My son,” he said with a warm smile, “we owe you our life. The Church has been protected by your Order since the age of Constantine.”

“Blessed Father, your words fill me with unspeakable joy. How may we serve you?”

“What I need to ask of you no Pope has ever asked until now.”

“What is your word, and it shall be done.”

“You must locate the ancient scrolls within Solomon’s tomb.”

“All of them or one in particular?”

“The one closest to his heart.”

“That book would unleash a terrible evil if opened!”

“This much I know, but you must read the golden text from beginning to end.”

“But Holy Father! That will bring about the end of the world! Has it not been forbidden to speak the old language of the angels?”

“Yes, my dear one, but the Lord Almighty wills it so… Come, let us sit next to the altar, and feel the warmth of the fire nearby. This usually calms my anxiety.” Continue reading

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The Winds of Change – Setting

Before you delve into today’s post be sure to soak up the imagery in Michelangelo’s painting above. This section of his fresco possesses a kind of diabolical gravity so to speak. Imagine yourself seated in the middle of this commotion as these zombie like creatures emerge from the darkness below. What role do they play in God’s Judgement day?

The Horror of God’s Wrath – A General Backdrop
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

“And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.” – Revelation 13:1

Deep down in the dark caverns of the Antarctica reside the Nephilarches. A genetically modified species that went into hibernation thousands of years ago. These creatures once thrived and ruled the earth. Now they lie dormant in the cold dark of shadow, waiting for the sky to be filled with carbon dioxide which they need in order to breathe and regain their strength.

In 1914 a very strong toxic meteorite hit the earth, pervading the atmosphere with a subtle gaseous poison. Hence stirring the Nephilarches from their slumber, and enabling them to psychically connect with the rulers of the earth. Thus began WWI, the initial domino that is to gradually bring about their dominion over man and animal alike.

Though only few in number, they are the masters of a much larger race called the Nephilim. To us the Nephilim appear as giants with supernatural abilities. Some of them are remembered to this day as heroes, such as the great Hercules and Acheilles. Such were the mighty men of old, the men of renown. As we speak the majority of them reside frozen in the north, just below the speedily melting arctic glaciers. But soon they are to be awakened and so will their appetite for human flesh. Continue reading

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