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Our Natural Right to Die

“It’s the next thing to cowardice when one merely waits in idleness for death to come… For it matters a great deal whether one is prolonging life or prolonging death.” – Seneca Mary Rose Barrington was a lawyer who advocated … Continue reading

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Death Awaits Us All

“There is no way to know for certain the place and time where death lies waiting for us, so let us wait for death at every moment along the way… We ought to prepare for death even before we plan … Continue reading

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Stand on Guard for Thee

“What are you willing to die for?” “What are you willing to kill for?” People from all around the world can answer these questions without blinking an eye. Yet few can say as to exactly why, and even less can … Continue reading

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Approaching Death

“To prepare oneself for death is to prepare oneself for freedom. The one who has learned to die has unlearned to be a slave.” – Montaigne For the one thing in life that is absolutely certain, namely death, we seem … Continue reading

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Death Awaits

Death awaits With a trident Holding firm Hopeless doom Preying upon flesh Now & forever It lingers In the shadow’s blight Sinking into absurdity With every thrust Enmeshed Body & soul Chaotic bliss Pleading Sever the snake Silence its hiss. … Continue reading

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The Book of Dead Philosophers

In the spirit of Socrates’ apology and defence, The Book of Dead Philosophers is about how philosophers have died and what we can learn from philosophy about the appropriate attitude to death and dying. Simon Critchley has provided an intelligent … Continue reading

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The Practice of Dying Well

“And we must consider that humans have forgotten That which from the beginning, and now still, they want and long for. For everything reaches out to That and longs for It by necessity of nature, as if divining by instinct … Continue reading

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