Treat Worry As Your Ally

Worry is nothing but excess energy being put to poor use. So how can we rechannel it for constructive ends? Here is my approach in a nutshell:

1. State what you are worried or overly concerned about.
2. State the cause or reasons for your concern.
3. State all the possible outcomes beginning with the worst case scenario.
4. State all the different ways to deal with the issue.
5. Select the best option and act on it.

This five step process engages the brain -especially the frontal cortex- to help access good judgement and make effective decisions. Let’s check this method out with a potential scenario:

1. Alex is worried that she may not get a full-time contract at University next semester.
2. Her department is in the process of making financial cuts and so they might reduce her hours.
3. Alex may not be able to pay her rent with a part-time salary. She may have to move and find additional ways to cut spending.
4. Perhaps the first course of action is to determine how likely her suspicion is to manifest by speaking with her union representative and/or manager. If it is certain that her hours are to be reduced then it may be a matter of finding extra work and/or taking her vehicle off the road to use public transportation instead. Maybe she could rent a room to a student for the semester.
5. The most practical option may not be an enjoyable one initially, and depending on Alex’s values & supports, her decision may be very different from our own.

What matters is that we make an informed decision to appropriately deal with the situation. Ideally this frees the mind from spinning around in the dirt going nowhere. With a plan in place our psychic energy can be channelled into the task on hand rather than dispersed into aimless moments of distraction that lead to additional procrastination and needless worry.

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7 Responses to Treat Worry As Your Ally

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  2. ELLE says:

    I like that you went through a potential scenario too. We always need to step back and think about what we feel, and how we feel this and most importantly–why. Great sharing.

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  5. Great advice JY, I do tend to worry about the ‘small stuff’ a little too much. 😦

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